Corporate New Parent Program

Many parents find that layering their new life as a parent on top of their already busy professional life has them feeling alone and challenged.

Mothers have a particularly hard time coping and coming to terms that they have to get back to work. They may lack confidence and often question if they’re making the right choice. Some even start looking for more family friendly employers that might have a more supportive environment for new parents.

This is where a savvy employer can very affordably and easily play a significant roll. Not only can an employer support women through this transition period by offering BABY STEPS coaching they can also retain valuable talent and minimize the impact on overall productivity.

With Baby Steps Corporate New Parent Program, the new parent will work one on one with a coach and learn how to blend their personal and professional roles seamlessly.

Here’s a Snapshot of the Corporate New Parent Program:

Baby Step 1:
Preparing for Maternity Leave

Addressing for the emotional impact of job/role change while on leave;
Determining who and how current tasks will be handled;
Tackling fears over quality of work done by a temporary replacement; and
Preparing for a smooth return from leave.

Baby Step 2:
Life with Baby

Adjusting to lack of structure and camaraderie;
Creating a clear outline of how to blend new routines with former responsibilities;
Recognizing the new parent as a whole person with individual values; and
Continue preparations for a smooth return from leave, including a written action plan.

Baby Step 3:
Transitioning Back To Work

Smoothly returning to professional role;
Confronting logistical challenges and making action plan adjustments; and
Creating long-term fulfillment through cooperative integration of professional and personal lives.

During the coaching process a coach will explore the following issues:

Exploring work and home performance factors;
Determining where time and energy focus should be;
Creating systems that will help manage multiple roles in this new life;
Navigating through obstacles;
Staying connected to their passions and who they “used” to be;
Finding supportive personal and professional supportive networks.

All sessions are on the phone at convenient pre-set times. Email support and follow up will occur between calls. To learn more about the new parent program, please email Heather Stegal: